Julia Jacklin, who released her second album Crushing last year, recorded two new songs for the Sub Pop Singles Club, which came out earlier this year as a 7" and are now out via streaming services. The A-side is "to Perth, before the border closes" and Julia says, "I’ve moved around a lot the last 5 years; chasing things, love, work, something new, whatever and there’s always this fear that I’m leaving good things behind just to go somewhere else and be lonely. Whispering 'everything changes' to myself helps get me to sleep at night. I started writing this song in Melbourne and finished it in Perth. It was like a little song bridge between the two cities to make the change easier.” It's a lovely song, just a little melancholy, and here's the official video which Julia directed herself:

The B-side, "CRY," was inspired by Dolly Parton. Listen to both sides of Julia's single here:

Sub Pop has also shared two other Singles Club entries. Chicago duo Ohmme (Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart), who released Fantasize Your Ghosts back in June, deliver the fuzzy, new-wavey "Mine" and the dreamier "Miasma":

And finally there's Le Ren, aka Montreal's Lauren Spear, who offers up ethereal harmonies on the jilted, folky "It's Time I Played a Love Song" and a twangy kick for "I Did U Wrong." Like her debut single for Secretly Canadian from earlier this year, these songs sound like they could've been released in the early '70s.

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