Julianna Barwick is featured on two new singles today by two different electronic artists, Nosaj Thing and FaltyDL. On the Nosaj Thing single, "Blue Hour," her lilting voice shines over an ambient and pulsating soundscape. The LA producer was featured on her album Healing Is A Miracle back in 2020, and the chemistry they showed off on that album continues here. "Blue Hour" is the first glimpse at Nosaj Thing's upcoming album Continua (on which details are limited). Listen below.

While Julianna contributed lead vocals over Nosaj Thing's production on "Blue Hour," the FaltyDL collab finds her singing backing harmonies, and it marks the first time that FaltyDL (aka Drew Lustman) wrote and sang his own lyrics. It's the first taste of FaltyDL's upcoming album A Nurse to My Patience, due November 11 via Blueberry Records, and it's one of two collaborations ont he album with Julianna Barwick, whose echoing, atmospheric production is a super compelling match for FaltyDL's new, acoustic-based sound. “I fell back in love with song writing on ‘Four Horses’ and feel absolutely blessed to have Julianna Barwick echo my sentiments. I have been a fan of hers for years and this was truly a dream. I often feel restless and unfulfilled, and this song is me emptying these thoughts, concerns, and traumas across 2.44,” FaltyDL says. Watch the surrealistic music video for "Four Horses" below.

FaltyDL's album was made around the same time he was producing Mykki Blanco's 2021 album Broken Dreams & Beauty Sleep and upcoming Stay Close To Music, and Mykki also appears on this album, alongside Interpol's Paul Banks, Hot Chip's Joe Goddard, Medicine's Brad Laner, and Gang Gang Dance's Brian DeGraw. With FaltyDL's new interest in songwriting, the album is a marked departure from his earlier dance music--on which he says, “The monotony of waiting and power of isolation proved a strong catalyst in my creative process, and so it took me places I’ve never been before. I will make dance music again, but I have really found myself on this new album.” Check out the album art and track list for A Nurse to My Patience below.

attachment-falty-dl-album-A Nurse to My Patience

Track listing
1. XTOC feat. Brad Laner
2. Berlin
3. One Hitter
4. Come See Us feat. Paul Banks
5. Four Horses feat. Julianna Barwick
6. One Way or Another feat. Mykki Blanco
7. A Vow
8. God Light feat. Joe Goddard
9. Zoo Jarre
10. Play A Little Rough with Me
11. A Brother Bears the Silence feat. Julianna Barwick
12. Doves Fears w/Brian DeGraw

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