Likeminds is "an annual conference in upstate New York that brings together creative individuals from an array of disciplines for speakers during the day, music at night, incredible food, all you can drink beer/wine, yoga, swimming at the lake, and a site-specific pop-up shop. Take the Metro North Friday afternoon up to Beacon, where we'll pick you up and shuttle you to camp! Each guest will be assigned a bunk bed in cabins complete with clean linens and a bathroom nearby." It all goes down Sept 15-17 at "Camp Tommy" in Fishkill, NY.

At $300 a ticket (lodging and drinks included), music isn't the main focus, but it certainly helps make this event a full package This is who is playing:

Psychic Ills
Julie Byrne
London O'Connor
Aerial East (w/ string quartet)
Maria Usbeck
Dev Gupta (Mr. Twin Sister)

More importantly, there are a bunch of cool speakers, You can read more about them and the whole fest HERE, and they are listed below:

Ping Zhu, designer
Randy Hunt, ex-Etsy
Lauren Duca, Teen Vogue/New Yorker
Seth Kranzler, creative technologist
Katie Resiner, NYC Mayors Office/ex-Homeland Security
Max Hawkins, Facebook event randomizer
FOREST, designer
Heather Luipold, Google Creative Lab
Lee Desrosiers, Achille's Heel
1m1w1d Artist Grant Recipients
"Funded" panel on VC/Crowd-funding
"Growing Green" panel on the Cannabis industry
Omar Sosa, Apartamento Magazine

Check out the recent live session we filmed with Julie Byrne:

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