Julie Doiron (Eric's Trip and Mount Eerie) and Dany Placard will release their collaborative album, Julie & Dany, this week. They made it together during lockdown in their Memramcook, New Brunswick home. "Making music for fun without the pressure of recording or tour deadlines," they say. "Our album, Julie & Dany, is exactly that. It was the idea of making music for fun and the joy making music.”

They've got one last preview of the album before the whole thing drops. "Dégèle" rides along a beautiful drone and Julie & Dany's voices harmonize overtop. We've got the premiere of the song's video and you can check that out below.

We asked Julie & Dany if they would tell us about the inspirations behind the album and their list goes well beyond music. Check that out, including their commentary, below.

Julie Doiron and Dany Placard - Influences behind their new album


We need love, everybody needs love.

photo: Jules Boislard-Gathier
photo: Jules Boislard-Gathier

The Bath

Julie would go in the bath to write lyrics while I was downstairs recording and writing music. When she felt she had what she needed, she would come to the living room, where our recording equipment was set up, and sing what she had written in the bath. This technique worked very well for us and we did this for a few of the songs on this record. And, Julie loves having a reason to get in the tub.


I think it’s very important, sometimes.

The Regal guitar

When I went to visit Julie for the first time in New-Brunswick, she asked me to bring a guitar so that we may be able to play some songs together. It was the Regal guitar and it has been in New Brunswick ever since. We have since written many songs with this sweet little guitar.



Water is so good! Julie is especially fond of water and she is often moved to sing of it and show her love for it.

Our Kitchen

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, just drinking coffee and talking about anything. It is a very inspiring place for us.


The Galto guitar amp

We bought this little guitar amp in Quebec at a second hand market and this amp inspired and and influenced pretty much all the songs and sound on this record.



We feel alive and grateful each time we experience the sunset.


Playing music for fun

It was very inspiring to have the time to just play and make music for fun without any pressure of release dates and tour schedules.

The stars

When we are in Montreal we can’t really see the stars in the sky, but in New Brunswick, where we made this record, we can see them often and clearly. It’s very inspiring for us. And we end up singing of them often.

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