Julien Baker, Dashboard Confessional, Jazmine Sullivan, Betty Who, Black Pumas, Ruston Kelly, Camilo, Vistas, and others have contributed new songs to the 'Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection' playlist that was launched in 2018 and gets new additions each holiday season.

Speaking about her song choice, Julien Baker said, "I chose ‘Dreamers Holiday’ because I found it incredibly unique as far as holiday songs are concerned. It’s a very understated song- both lyrically and musically; while it’s technically about a ‘holiday’, it doesn’t directly reference any specific holiday theme, it leaves the lyrics a bit more open-ended. It's the same way with the music— the chord structure is complicated but surprisingly timeless to me even though the song itself is over 70 years old. It’s the kind of song whose arrangement can be re-imagined so many times, and I love the feeling of sonic potential a single like that gives me."

Dashboard Confessional said, "I’ve always loved Christmas songs and I’ve always loved Elvis. What better choice could I have made for our Spotify Single than ‘Blue Christmas’. We delved into some seriously dreamy territory for our take on this classic Christmas song."

Jazmine Sullivan said, "I chose ‘The First Noel’ because it's a beautiful song and I’ve never sung it before. I remember when I was a kid my mom put on a holiday play for my church, and my aunt sang the ‘The First Noel.’ I thought it was so beautiful."

Spotify also launched a holiday edition of their 'For The Record' podcast with Dolly Parton, Black Pumas, and Jose Mari Chan.

Listen to the updated 'Holiday Collection' below...

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