Julien Baker's highly-anticipated third album, Little Oblivions, is due out in just over a month, on February 26 via Matador. We've already heard the first two singles, "Faith Healer" and "Hardline," and now Julien has given an interview on a new episode of Going There, a mental health-focused podcast series from Sound Mind Live and Consequence of Sound, hosted by licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Mike.

Julien talks about depression, anxiety, religion, and her LGBTQ+ identity on the episode, which you can stream below, via Apple, on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Here's the description:

Julien Baker joins the show this week to discuss her experience struggling with depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The singer-songwriter shares how depression often feels like a giant hole and the ways OCD manifests into perfectionism.

Elsewhere, Baker talks about the various methods she uses to cope with her depression and OCD, including exercise and even substance use. She particularly discusses how music has helped her understand, experience, and express her emotions.

Presented by Consequence of Sound and Sound Mind Live, Going There with Dr. Mike is a new interview podcast series in which clinical psychologist and life coach Dr. Mike Friedman talks with musicians about the crossroads where music and mental health meet.