Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Juliet Quick is releasing a new EP, Glass Years, on March 5 via Substitute Scene Records. She's already shared the sweeping and lushly orchestral "Circles," and today we're premiering a second single from the EP, "No Future." It's an intimate, slightly woozy track, and about it, Juliet says:

No Future is describing a panic attack about global chaos and climate change. Ultimately, I think despair and fatalism aren’t useful positions—there is, obviously, a future. But, despite one’s best efforts to handle these emotions in a way that’s politically productive, we’re human and fear and anger and sorrow are going to break through sometimes. That’s the case for me at least, and writing this song was a little exorcism for the worst of those feelings; it allowed me to make them into a little artifact and move forward.

Stream "No Future" and "Circles" below.

Juliet Quick - Glass Years

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