Boston heavy post-rockers Junius haven't released an album since 2011's Reports From the Threshold of Death (though they did put out an EP in 2014), but that will finally change this year. Junius will release Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light on March 3 via Prosthetic Records. Lead single "The Queen's Constellation" is an epic, proggy song with bellowing vocals, and you can hear it below. The album was produced by Will Benoit (who's also worked with Caspian and Rosetta).

Junius are going on a short tour in April, concluding with a Brooklyn show on April 22 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates are listed on the poster below.

1. March of The Samsara
2. Beyond the Pale Society
3. A Mass for Metaphysicians
4. Clean The Beast
5. All That Is, Is of The One
6. The Queen's Constellation
7. Telepaths & Pyramids
8. Masquerade in Veils
9. Heresy of the Free Spirit
10. Black Sarcophagus


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