Justice Tripp, frontman of Angel Du$t and Trapped Under Ice, has just surprise-released his self-titled debut solo album as Cold Mega. It's out digitally via Muck Tracks, and cassettes are available via Pop Wig (purchase). The eight song album was largely recorded by Justice himself (but has guest vocals from Militarie Gun/Regional Justice Center's Ian Shelton on "No Sum"), and it flirts with a handful of different styles of music, including punk, jangle pop, electronic, rap, and more. "Production is more about perspective than genre. I want to make music that is less about style, but the way I see the world," he says. "COLD MEGA is a way for me to use every tool possible to create the sounds in my weird little brain--nothing standing in the way of me making something authentic to myself, for better or worse." It feels kind of like a way for Justice to experiment with ideas that might not fit on Angel Du$t albums, but it still manages to come off like a cohesive piece of work; Justice's unique approach to music and his instantly-recognizable voice tie everything together.

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