Gaspard Augé of French dance titans Justice has announced his debut solo album Escapades, which will be out later this year via Genesis / Ed Banger Records / Because Music. The first single is "Force Majeure," which takes Augé's skill with a hook and a beat and marries it to some serious '70s prog vibes. There's more than a whiff of unpasteurized fromage, but with something like this that's just what you want.

Justice have always been known for their inventive, eye-popping videos and Gaspard does not disappoint with "Force Majeure." It was shot on the factory floor of the Bosphorus cymbal factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Directed by Filip Nilsson, the video portrays the factory as more of an office job, with workers standing over the forge in business suits. “We were really attracted by the epic visual appeal of cymbal making, bronze, fire, hammers, something almost mythological and elemental like Vulcan or the Nibelungen,” says Augé. “We chose Bosphorus Cymbals because they had this very traditional process that barely changed in centuries, in this video i am just a link in the chain of production and quality control, after all these cymbals have been melted, hand hammered, and lathed into a musical object.” The video is more of a commercial for the album -- barely more than a minute -- but is pretty awesome. Watch that and listen to the full song, below.

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