A new documentary is on the way about post-hardcore veteran Justin Pearson, who played and/or plays in the bands The Locust, Some Girls, Retox, Dead Cross, Swing Kids, Planet B, and more, and who runs the record label Three One G. It's called Don't Fall in Love with Yourself and billed as "a documentary about Justin Pearson, Three One G and the San Diego Punk Scene." Today, a Kickstarter was launched to raise money for the film, and here's more from that:

Don't Fall in Love With Yourself is a documentary that explores the life of enigmatic musician and artist, Justin Pearson. From childhood tragedy and his roots in the San Diego punk scene, to his appearance on Jerry Springer and rise to cult celebrity status. An in-depth look at a career made out of blood, sweat and spit.

Much of the B-roll has been sourced from dozens of VHS & Mini-DV tapes recorded over the past three decades. Controversial and never-before-seen footage of one of the most interesting and unique musical movements is recent memory.

The film's interviews include Justin Pearson, Dave Lombardo, Eric Paul, Gabe Serbian, Bobby Bray, Travis Ryan, Jeremy Bolm, Alexis Marshall, Jon Syverson, Molly Neuman & Becky DiGiglio and more.

Where we are

The film is nearly done! We have a complete full-length cut and we are in the process of tightening the edit. But we know that the film could be even better! That's why we're asking you to help us make this the best film it can be. We would like to return to San Diego in the Spring of 2020 to shoot several interviews and additional B-Roll. We have a tentative goal of reaching picture lock by mid-summer 2020. You can make this happen for us!

Much of our budget will be spent on additional filming days on the west coast. But we will also need to cover Errors & Omissions Insurance, mixing & mastering the audio, festival submissions and marketing. We've broken our budget down in the chart below. We are not new to the DIY ethic as a production company. You can rest assured that we will stretch every dollar we raise and tell this story better than anyone else could.

You can learn more, watch the Kickstarter campaign video, and donate to the campaign here. The goal is set at $15,000 and there's 29 days to go.

The Locust recently played their first shows in four years and they're gearing up for a tour with Napalm Death. Watch a recent Locust live video below.

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