Brooklyn rapper (and firefighter) Ka surprised released TWO new albums today: Languish Arts and Woeful Studies. As he's done with albums in the past, both are currently available only as paid downloads from his website ($20), but he has shared the video for the ethereal "Ascension" from Languish Arts, which you can watch below.

Ka mostly produced both albums himself, but Pitchfork reports that Languish Arts track "Unhinged" was produced by Animoss and features Chuck Strangers, while “Still Holding” was produced by Preservation and features Joi and GoneToHeaven.

Ka's previous album, A Martyr's Reward, made our list of Best Rap Albums of 2021, while Descendants of Cain made our Best Rap Albums of 2020 list.


Languish Arts:
01 Full Cobra
02 Ascension
03 No Reservations
04 Forgive Me
05 If Not True
06 Unindulged
07 Touché
08 Still Holding
09 Family Color
10 Last Place


Woeful Studies:
01 We Not Innocent
02 We Hurting
03 I’m Tired
04 Obstacles
05 Reap
06 Counted Out
07 Eat
08 The Block
09 Building
10 My Only Home

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