Big Eyes (and former Cheeky) singer/guitarist Kait Eldridge is releasing a solo album, The Dark Tower, on January 29 via Let's Pretend Records (pre-order). It's a concept album based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series, and according to the album bio, it "not only condensed the storyline of 7+ books into an LP's worth of tunes, but also musically incorporated the series' motley grouped literary genres: western, fantasy, horror, and science fiction."

Kait performed, recorded, and mixed the entire thing herself, and you can get a taste of its genre-fluid sound from lead single "The Beam," which pulls equally from '70s country and psychedelic synths. It's a far cry from Big Eyes but still sounds unmistakably like Kait's work, and it's a very promising preview of this album. The video (by Kait and Chris Adams) premieres in this post. Check it out below.

Kait Eldridge

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