by Bill Pearis


Kansas City band Lazy are a bit of a misnomer -- their music could be the soundtrack to a no-sleep, beer-n-pills-fueled teen road rampage. Their new album, Obsession, is a ripper, punk in a 1980 LA kind of way, loud n' fast but catchy as hell. You can stream the whole thing below.

Lazy are in NYC right now as part of their current North American tour. They played Shea Stadium last night (11/6) and they play tonight (11/7) at Cake Shop with Lame Drivers, The Hairs and Milk Dick. All tour dates are listed, along with a flyer for the Cake Shop show and the album stream, below...


Lazy flyer

Lazy - 2013 Tour Dates
11/7 Cake Shop, NY, NY, w Lame Drivers, the Hairs, Milk Dick
11/8 Elijah's House of Dirt, Detroit MI w Growing Pains, Mexican Knives
11/11 Satans Gay Acid Bath, Kansas City, MO w Guantanamo Baywatch, Witch Jail, Thuggees
11/12 Empty Bottle, Chicago, The Sueves, Eaglez, Sky Maul
11/13 Heaven's Gate, Indianapolis, IA w 2150's, White Mom, Vacation Club, Raw McCartneys
11/14 Schlaflys, St Louis, MO, Bad Dates, Shut Ins
11/16 Mini Bar, Kansas City, MO w Week of Wonders, The Fog
11/23 Wally World, Chicago, IL Nitetrotter Fest