"Kanye reacts to getting a 10.0" (pic by Hipster Runoff)

As I retweeted earlier Monday night, TEYANA M.J. TAYLOR (who is "all over his new album") spilled the beans. "Just got to rehersals for my performance with mr Ye West tomorrow at the Bowery Ballroom 2morr. Dark Fantasy Baby!!!," she wrote. She since followed it up with a retweet of her own too. "At rehearsals with @TEYANATAYLOR & @KANYEWEST for their show tomorrow. They both just sat here and made another hit too..smh GENIUS," said Mo-Barz. And if rumors are true, it will be a full album performance of his (perfect?) new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. How does one get in? That I have no idea (at the moment anyway). UPDATE: There are tickets.