Karen O and Danger Mouse's Lux Prima collaboration is the definition of a studio project: lush, orchestrated, and massive sounding. Both Karen and Brian Burton (Danger Mouse's real life alias) are very busy people, so it was a very special occasion for them to bring Lux Prima to widescreen life "for one night only" at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre.

After the string section and choir took their places, the band (which included Kevin Morby collaborator Sam Cohen) came out, followed by Danger Mouse in his signature dark suit who, took his place behind his command console. Cue mood lighting and the choral ensemble as Karen O, decked out in a sequined cloak, glittery bodysuit and crystal boots, took the stage. Every detail was planned out, including a Lux Prima stone-encrusted microphone, but Karen made a false start with the opening line of "Ministry," so they started it again. The same thing happened two songs later as Karen missed her cue at the beginning of "Woman," to everyone's amusement. First show jitters!

Other than those little missteps it was a magical evening. Over the course of Lux Prima, which they played in full, there were a couple costume changes. During the "Lux Reprise" instrumental section, Karen left the stage to return in a white angelic gown and sequined headpiece; after the "Soundscape Interlude" finale, she came out in another white coral one piece with a cloak. Everything from the choir to the string ensemble, to the lighting and Karen's own whimsical performance -- commanding every inch of the stage -- made for a spectacular evening. Pictures are in the gallery above, and fan-shot video is below.

Parquet Courts' frontman A. Savage opened the evening with a very minimal 45-minute solo set, where he informed folks they could also see him in much more intimate confines at Alphaville on November 26 with P.E. (Pill + Eaters), and Military Genius (tickets).


photos and recap by Toby Tenenbaum

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