Karen O & Danger Mouse are bringing a "multisensory art installation" called "An Encounter with Lux Prima," to LA's Marciano Art Foundation this April. Described as an "immersive, communal listening experience" soundtracked by their upcoming album, contributors to the installation include creative director Barnaby Clay, sound designer Ren Klyce, lighting designer Tobias Rylander, visual artist Davy Evans, creative consultant Warren Fu and projection mapping innovator Travis Threlkel.

"Danger Mouse and I wrote this music purely out of artistic exploration and the spirit of collaboration," Karen O says. "It’s the first music I’ve written since the rite of passage of bringing a life into the world. Having a kid was like communing with the grander scheme of nature, the cycles of life, the transformative power of the mother. These themes felt timeless, yet more topical than ever in the modern world, so cut off and abstracted from its origins. The music was calling out for an extraordinary presentation, one that brings people together in a heightened state of listening. It’s gonna be a trip!"

"Karen and I had been plotting on working together for a long time," Danger Mouse says. "With no discussions on what the music would eventually sound like, we jumped in. We were each other’s audience alone really, but soon we started to see this world instead of just hearing it. So let’s see if others can hear and see it together too."

The installation runs from April 18-21 and is free with tickets, which are available starting Friday, March 1 at 1 PM PT. Check out the poster, below.

Karen O & Danger Mouse's new album, Lux Prima, is due out March 15. Soon after, the duo do a Times Talk on March 20 at NYC's Florence Gould Hall.