If you're unfamiliar with Little Rock, Arkansas rapper Kari Faux, she has a lot of stuff worth checking out. She's collaborated more than once with Childish Gambino (including on a remix of her great single "No Small Talk"), she's on The Internet member Matt Martians' new album The Drum Chord Theory, and she's on Isaiah Rashad's 2016 LP The Sun's Tirade. She also put out her very solid debut album Lost En Los Angeles in 2016, she's on Insecure's season one soundtrack twice (including a song with Leikeli47) and she wrote original music for the show's upcoming season two soundtrack. Kari talked to Billboard about she got hooked up with Insecure star/co-creator Issa Rae:

When me and Donald did the remix for "No Small Talk," Issa Rae heard it and she just was like, "Yo, who is this girl? I love her." So that's how we ended up connecting on Twitter and then we got each other's numbers. We would text every now and then, and then we went out to dinner once. It was really cool. It was just a really cool conversation with a Black woman. She's from Inglewood. Where I'm from, L.A. outside of South Central is very different for me because it's not a lot of people I feel like I could relate to. Where I'm from, it's very hood. I'm used to being able to act a certain way. Having to switch up the way you act because you're not around a lot of Black people has always made me feel weird so being around her was very refreshing because she gets it. You can tell by the show, she gets it.

So we were talking and a few months later, I dropped my album. She hit me and was like, "Yo, I been playing your album constantly. We've been playing it in the office. Everybody loves it. We want to put it in the show. Can we meet?" And we met. We talked and she was just like, yeah, let's do it. It was very organic. HBO didn't reach out to me or nothing. It was just straight up her just being like, "I f--- with what you do," and I automatically f---ed with what she did.

Like Cam'ron recently did, Kari is playing free Heineken Green Room shows in Philly and Brooklyn this month. They happen 8/16 at The Barbary with Andrea Valle and THEAkasha (RSVP) and 8/17 at Friends and Lovers (641 Classon Ave) with Chynna Rogers and DJ Tara (RSVP).

Check out some Kari Faux videos and stream Lost En Los Angeles below:

Kari Faux -- 2017 Tour Dates
8/16 The Barbary Philadelphia, PA
8/17 Friends and Lovers Brooklyn, NY

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