Kate Nash played one show at Luna Lounge, and two at Joe's Pub - all free due to VISA complications that said she was not allowed to make money in our country.

Kate Nash @ Joe's Pub, NYC - Sept 26, 2007 (CRED)
Kate Nash @ Joes Pub

"I overwhelmingly recommend her music and her live performance." [Shelves of Vinyl @ Luna]

"Regardless of the lack of originality, she clearly held the attention of the packed house and put on a splendid performance." [ProductShop @ Luna]

"She had a crack band (drummer, violinist, bassist/guitarist), making things all the better, but Nash would've held the crowd by her lonesome." [Sound Bites @ Luna]

"Nash came out stunningly cute, for a 19-year old girl, with a black and gold dress that I thought looked lovely on her (Rachael will disagree with that assessment, but I think she has an issue with the color yellow or any of its incarnations.)" [Pop Tarts Suck Toasted @ Joes Pub]

"I come back down and she sees me and waves because I guess she recognized me from being upfront and what not. I introduced myself and told her that I made cookies for her being that she's not being paid for these shows, but she should receive something. She was just ecstatic and extremely thankful. I handed her the bag, she took a piece out (they were chocolate tuiles with nuts and basic chocolate chip cookies) and her face just lit up." [Music Snobbery @ Joe's Pub]

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