Solidarity Not Silence are a group of women, including members of Petrol Girls, Personal Best and The Tuts, who are being being sued for defamation of character by Jonny Fox, frontman of King Blues, who they accused in 2016 of being a "sexual predator" and a "domestic abuser" in blog posts. He denied the allegations in a Facebook post that has since been made private, sued the women in 2019, accusing them of a “persistent campaign of harassment."

Solidarity Not Silence have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help with legal costs, and have just released a benefit single, "This is Sisterhood," which features a sample of Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna from a live show giving Solidarity Not Silence a shout-out on stage: "Women have spoken out against this person and because they spoke out, this fucker is suing them and they have no money to fight it."

“[We] do not want our case to set a precedent for silencing marginalized voices in the music industry and beyond," say Solidarity Not Silence. "We need to keep fighting even though we do not have the same power, fame or financial backing as A [Fox], as we do not believe that money should be a barrier to accessing justice. We refuse to be silenced and we believe we must pursue justice." You can watch the video for "This is Sisterhood" below.

The lawsuit has been ongoing since 2019, and Petrol Girls released a song last year, "I Believe Them," to support the Solidarity Not Silence, writing, "We’ve been fighting this case since December 2016 and desperately need help raising money for our legal costs. The only reason we’ve been able to successfully fight this case as long as we have is because we were able to come together and fundraise for our legal defence. Help us keep our legal representation all the way to court and win this!!!" Listen to that below, as well.