Kathleen Hanna made an appearance at LA's Zebulon on Sunday (2/3) night, as part of the monthly comedy show Weirdo Night. Dynasty Handbag, aka performance artist and actor Jibz Cameron, hosts the recurring comedy/performance night, which happens on the first Sunday of the month. She joined Kathleen on stage for a performance of the Le Tigre song "Deceptacon," which you can watch video clips of below.

Earlier on Sunday, Kathleen attended a meeting for Turn It Up, a new collective working towards gender parity in the music world, along with Alice Bag, Kate Nash, and others.

In a few months, Kathleen reunites with classic-lineup members Tobi Vail and Kathi Wilcox (along with Erica Dawn Lyle) for Bikini Kill reunion shows, the band's first in over 20 years. So far they've announced four each in NYC and LA.