After Brooklyn's Chumped called it quits, singer Anika Pyle and drummer Dan Frelly formed a new band Katie Ellen. Last year they signed to Lauren Records for their debut "Wild Heart" b/w "TV Dreams" 7", and now they've announced their debut full-length. It's called Cowgirl Blues and it's due out on July 14 (pre-order). It features both songs from that 7", plus "Lucy Stone" from their first demo. The new recording of "Lucy Stone" is the album's lead single, and it's a lyrically heavy breakup song that opens with the lyric: "Well I don’t wanna have your children / Does that make me less of a woman?." Listen below (via NPR).

Anika has two upcoming solo shows in Hawaii, but no other Katie Ellen dates appear to be announced at the moment. They play their hometown a lot so that should hopefully change soon.

1. Drawing Room
2. Wild Heart
3. Lucy Stone
4. TV Dreams
5. Proposal
6. Sad Girls Club
7. Han
8. Houses into Homes
9. Cowgirl Blues
10. Bleeding Heart

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