Experimentalist Katie Gately has announced her newest album, Fawn / Brute, is due on March 31 via Houndstooth (pre-order). The album was inspired by the birth of Katie's daughter, drawing on themes of innocence and experience, as she comments, "I wanted the album to feel like something my daughter could enjoy as she grew up, so the first tracks are childlike and upbeat, but as we get older we start to experience a volcano of emotion, angst, and conflict." Check out the album art and tracklist below.

Alongside the album announcement, Katie has shared a double single of the album's title tracks. "Fawn" is taken from the first half of the album and maintains a playful vocal and danceable beat. Meanwhile, "Brute" is considerably darker, with foreboding percussion and macabre lyrics. Katie explains:

'Fawn' is an attempt to capture the delirium and mania of new parenthood. The song’s instrumental is meant to capture the buoyancy and enthusiasm of youth while lyrically acknowledging the doubt and uncertainty of one's new role as 'parent.' 'Brute' is a love song for old vices, a reminder that parenthood doesn’t automatically mature us into respectable people. The song is a tug of war between responsibility and nonchalance; a struggle that is only intensified by the relentless demands of parenting.

Together, the songs symbolize the dichotomy of parenthood. You’re a new person, guided by a fierce protective love, but you’re also still the same old bastard. You’re cranky when you don’t sleep and you lie to yourself about how many ounces are really in one glass of wine. You do the best you can and you pray things will turn out well enough... but really, you're just winging it.

Listen to "Fawn" and "Brute" below.

Katie Gately, Fawn / Brute

Fawn / Brute Tracklist:
1. Seed
2. Howl
3. Fawn
4. Cleave
5. Peeve
6. Scale
7. Meat
8. Brute
9. Chaw
10. Tame
11. Melt

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