by Doug Moore


We've debuted a new song by the enigmatic Russian/Ukranian post-metal band Kauan over at Invisible Oranges this morning. Here's what we had to say about it:

"Pirut is a deliberate album that, like the movement of celestial bodies, achieves beauty through regularity. Genre-wise, it falls somewhere between funeral doom and post-rock, though both of those tags are reductive. Kauan use inexorable rhythms and evoke tragic vibes, as those styles do. But there's meat on their bones: as with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Kauan's layers of strings and keyboards make a compelling case that "symphonic" need not be shorthand for hokey melodrama. Pirut is not a terrible heavy album on the average, but it isn't entirely overrun with blossoming harmonies; the album turns dank and ugly at times. Fittingly so."

You can read the whole writeup over at IO. Pirut will be available for preorder via the Finnish label Blood Music on October 23. You can stream the sample cut "Lightfox" below.


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