LA electronic musician Kauf (aka Ronald Kaufman) is planning to release his debut album, Regrowth, this year. He already released its lead single "Through the Yard" and we're premiering another one, "A Ruin." Both are nice doses of chilled-out electronic pop, led by Ronald's own vocals. Here's what he tells XLR8R about the album:

The process for the LP has been crazy—really enjoyable and painstaking. I finished writing almost all of it over a year ago, but it took forever to get the mixing and song structures refined, as well as organizing all of the remixes on our own. The fun part was creating the countless loops and little ideas to find the inspiring ones worth finishing, but turning those ideas into full fledged songs does not come easily to me, especially the lyrics, which I tweak endlessly to get right. A couple of those fruitful ideas are five years old."

I do a tiny bit of sampling and use Ableton a lot, but I think what solidified my "sound" was getting into some key pieces of hardware: a couple Moog synths and a Roland Space Echo. It was important to me that the songs build and morph organically, sort of like a techno or house DJ set, instead of having jarring transitions for some dramatic effect. I want to ease the listener into a densely textured forest of sound like a soothing hypnotherapist's voice, populated with familiar species and alien ones, constantly mating with each other, spawning something akin to the unconscious.

"A Ruin" officially gets released this Friday (5/20). It'll be up on his Bandcamp for a "name your price" download for a month, and remixes by Blue Hawaii and Man Power will follow. Listen to "A Ruin" and "Through the Yard" below.

Kauf will be in NYC for the Blue Note Jazz Festival, during which he'll open for Brazilian singer/songwriter Céu at Highline Ballroom on June 27. Tickets for that show are on sale now.


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