Kayo Dot @ Merc - 2/25/15 (photo by Chris Clarke)
Kayo Dot

Toby Driver's experimental metal band Kayo Dot played Mercury Lounge on Wednesday (2/25) with Enablers, Insect Ark, and Center Divider. That's a pic from the show above. Did you go? How was it?

Toby's next announced NYC appearances (though it won't be a surprise if he plays here sooner) happen during his residency at The Stone from August 25-30. He's the curator and will also be performing with various groups each night.

His other long-running experimental metal band Maudlin of the Well plays 8 PM and 10 PM sets on August 25, and then on August 26, Kayo Dot play their 2003 album Choirs of the Eye at the 8 PM set and their 2010 album Coyote at the 10 PM set.

On August 27, his duo with former Kayo Dot member Mia Matsumiya, Tarter Lamb, will be joined by Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) to perform their 2007 debut Sixty Metonymies at the 8 PM set. Then at the 10 PM set, Toby and friends play the score he wrote for the dance film Ichneumonidae, followed by Kayo Dot playing their 2011 EP, Stained Glass.

Toby plays solo ballads "for the haters" at 8 PM on August 28, followed by a 10 PM set by The Tanks, his trio with drummer Ches Smith and guitarist Brandon Seabrook. Then on August 29, it's an 8 PM set by Stern, the Chuck Stern-fronted band that Toby plays guitar in, followed by another Kayo Dot set of current material at 10 PM. And finally on August 30, it's two more solo sets from Toby, the latter being new chamber works.

Browse the schedule for the residency, with full lineups for each night, below...



8/25 Tuesday
8 and 10 pm
Maudlin of the Well

Toby Driver (guitar, vocals) Greg Massi, Josh Seipp (guitars) Sam Gutterman (drums) Terran Olson (woodwinds, keys) Jason Byron (vocals, keys) Special Guests Ron Varod (bass) Mia Matsumiya (violin)

8/26 Wednesday
8 pm
Kayo Dot plays Choirs of the Eye

Toby Driver (guitar, bass, vocals) Greg Massi, Ron Varod (guitars) Sam Gutterman (guitar, bass) Keith Abrams (drums) Dan Means (woodwinds, keys) Mia Matsumiya (violin) Tim Byrnes (brass, keys) Terran Olson (woodwinds, keys)

10 pm
Kayo Dot plays Coyote

Toby Driver (bass, vocals) Tim Byrnes (trumpet) Dan Means (alto sax) Keith Abrams (drums) Mia Matsumiya (violin) Terran Olson (keys) Ron Varod (keys) David Bodie (percussion)

8/27 Thursday
8 pm
Tartar Lamb: Sixty Metonymies

Toby Driver (guitar) Mia Matsumiya (violin) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) Tim Byrnes (trumpet) Russell Greenberg (percussion)

10 pm
Ichneumonidae, and Kayo Dot plays Stained Glass

Toby Driver (guitar, bass, vocals) Timba Harris (violin) Russell Greenberg (percussion) Terran Olson (rhodes, synth) Keith Abrams (drums) Tim Byrnes (synth) Ron Varod (guitar) Mia Matsumiya (violin) Dan Means (clarinet, sax, keys)

8/28 Friday
8 pm
Toby Driver: Ballads

Toby Driver (piano, voice)
For the haters.

10 pm
The Tanks

Toby Driver (bass) Ches Smith (drums) Brandon Seabrook (guitar)

8/29 Saturday
8 pm

Chuck Stern (vocals) Toby Driver (guitar) Keith Abrams (drums) Tim Byrnes (synth)

10 pm
Kayo Dot plays current material

Toby Driver (bass, synth, vocals) Ron Varod (guitar) Keith Abrams (drums) Dan Means (sax, synths)

8/30 Sunday
8 pm
Toby Driver Solo

Toby Driver (guitar, bass)
New compositions for solo guitar and bass.

10 pm
Toby Driver--New Chamber Works

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