We already mentioned that Kayo Dot are releasing a new album called Plastic House on Base of Sky on June 24 via The Flenser. Now they've shared the first song from that LP, which is called "Magnetism," which you can stream below (via Tiny Mix Tapes).

"Magnetism" is a dense, transportive listen. It melds lush synths with stuttery drum patterns, noisy dissonance, and detailed vocal arrangements, resulting in something that, like a lot of their material, feels like it will take more than a few listens to fully absorb.

Kayo Dot have that show with Yautja coming up later this month at Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on May 28 with Geryon. Tickets for that are still on sale. No other touring plans have have been announced at the moment.

Stream "Magnetism" below.

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