Keaton Henson is back with his seventh studio album, House Party, due out June 9 via Play It Again Sam. "I wanted to make an upbeat confident pop record about depression and being a performer, written from the viewpoint of an artist who has hollowed himself out over a long career in the name of success, an alternate universe version of me, who is left empty and lonely from climbing to the top, but is still only able to express these feelings in the language of confident, performative pop songs," he says. See the cover art and tracklist below.

The first single is "Envy," a wistful piece of folky indie rock ornamented with touches of horns. "Everything these days is so performative and aspirational, and we all seem to live in envy of people and lives that aren’t ours and we’re convinced would solve all our problems and feelings of emptiness," Keaton says. "It’s about getting to the place where you always wanted to be, and were convinced would make everything better, and realizing it hasn’t worked, and the scary realization that no amount of money or success or fame will. I think the guy in the song has forsaken all his friendships and meaningful relationships to get to this place in his life or career, and now, realizing it was never going to make him happy, is lamenting his loneliness and the wasted years, and trying to warn others away from the same way of thinking." Watch the accompanying video below.

Keaton Henson - House Party

1. I’m Not There
2. Rain In My Favourite House
3. Envy
4. I’ll Meet You There
5. Two Bad Teeth
6. Stay With Me
7. I Left It Late
8. Best Waste of Time
9. Holiday
10. The Mine
11. Hooray
12. Hide Those Feelings

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