Kelly Crisp

That's right - Kelly of the Rosebuds does more than sing and make you dance. Catch her doing standup in NYC this Thursday - December 6th @ 8pm @ Comix: Smiletime with Shawn and Sean: A super fun free show hosted by Sean O'Connor and Shawn Pearlman. Yeah! All dates, and news about a Pixies tribute album, below....

Kelly Crisp (or is it Kelly Ray?) - 2007 Tour Dates
Dec 6 - Stand-up at Comix @ NYC
Dec 8 - Stand-up show at Fred’s in Wilmington!!! @ Wilmington, NC
Dec 12 - Stand-up at Local 506 @ Chapel Hill


The Rosebuds appear on the new Pixies tribute album "Dig For Fire" - stream it, buy it.

Dig For Fire

1. Ana - Morning Theft
2. Break My Body - The Rosebuds
3. Down To The Well - Dylan in the Movies
4. Wave of Mutilation - Joy Zipper
5. Gigantic - OK Go
6. Stormy Weather - Bedroom Walls
7. Gouge Away - Mogwai
8. Motorway To Roswell - Knife & Fork
9. Havalina - They Might Be Giants
10. Alec Eiffel - Bunnies
11. Monkey Gone To Heaven - Elk City
12. Hey (Double Dragon Redux) - Fashion Victims
13. Here Comes Your Man - The Commons with Elizabeth Harper
14. Where Is My Mind? - John P. Strohm
15. Caribou (Instrumental) - British Sea Power

It's by the same people that made the new Neil Young tribute album.


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