Kelly Lee Owens began her short North American tour on Friday night (3/16) at Brooklyn's Elsewhere. The show was originally booked for the small room, Zone One, but was then moved to the much bigger Hall. A good thing too, as electronic music sounds especially good in the Hall. Alone on stage with a few keyboards and an electronic drum pad (and her genuinely lovely voice), Owens held her own and sounded fantastic, despite saying she was fighting with her equipment ("don't fuck with MIDI!"). With some mesmerizing visuals projected behind her, KLO played most of her singles and highlights from her fantastic 2017 debut, as well as her cover of Aaliyah's "More Than a Woman."

My only criticism is that her set would benefit from segues and transitions between songs. She was more in traditional rock show mode -- a song would finish, Kelly would say "thanks" and then start the next song soon after, but momentum was a little lost. This was not a problem for opener Ela Minus who really had her live show worked and I thought was very good. Carmen Villain started things off and pictures from the whole night are in the gallery above, and you can check out Kelly's setlist and video of "Anxi" from the show, below.


SETLIST: Kelly Lee Owens @ Elsewhere 3/16/2018
Keep Walking
More Than a Woman (Aaliyah cover)
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Throwing Lines
More Than a Woman (Aaliyah)


photos by P Squared