Bronx rapper Kemba has been putting out a string of new singles this year, and today he released a new EP, The World is Watching, which was "inspired by the recent social uprisings" and will benefit the Anti-Racism Fund. "I wanted to give and honest description of what it feels like to go through it," Kemba writes. "The EP is exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds to honor George Floyd."

The EP's four songs all directly take on police brutality and killings, the systemic racism that enables them, the nationwide protests, the news' portrayal of these incidents, and more, and Kemba does this in a way that's genuinely powerful. "Manhandled and beaten he’s bleeding and leaving consciousness/Doing his best to scream with a copper’s knee on esophagus," he raps on opening track/lead single "6 Million Ways." On "The Get Back (Riot)," he incorporates protest-style chants.

"I always feel when people are not protesting heavy or the revolution is not on the forefront… We should always be like this," Kemba said in interview with DJ Booth. "I’m always waiting for these moments. When it happened, it kicked me right back into gear. That’s exactly what’s keeping me sane: Seeing that everyone is motivated again, and I’m seeing all these people’s courage and it’s getting me back going."

Listen to the whole EP and watch the equally powerful video for "6 Million Ways" below...


For more ways to help out in the fight against racism and police brutality, here are some resources.