Post-hardcore/noise rock band KEN mode have announced a new album, NULL, due out September 23 via Artoffact Records. It's the follow-up to 2018's Loved, and Jesse Matthewson says it's "a documentation of trying to not fall apart, the most desperate way you know how," adding, "I felt so unmotivated at so many points over the last two years, that if I was going to try to create, it had to be as painfully honest as possible, otherwise it just didn't feel real to me. We tried to experiment more with our sound than we ever have before, as we felt like there was really no reason to do anything at all unless we were trying to push this into something new." The album finds the band adding collaborator Kathryn Kerr (saxophone, synth, etc) as a full member, and like Loved, it was produced and mixed by Andrew Schneider. See the cover art and tracklist below.

The first single is the intense "A Love Letter," which pairs fevered vocals with tumultuous noise and kamikaze saxophone for nearly six minutes of brutality; watch the accompanying video below. "Sometimes lists of all the things you never said end up getting said in the form of a love letter," Matthewson says of the track.

KEN mode are headlining Texas noise rock fest No Coast in October, which is their only live date at the moment; stay tuned for more.

KEN mode - NULL

1. A Love Letter
2. Throw Your Phone in the River
3. The Tie
4. But They Respect My Tactics
5. Not My Fault
6. Lost Grip
7. The Desperate Search for an Enemy
8. Unresponsive

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