Kendra Malia of NYC witch house band White Ring has passed away. The band revealed the sad news in a post on their Facebook, which reads, "On October 31st 2019 Kendra Malia left us, I really don’t know what else to say at the moment except I love you Kendra. KENDRA FOREVER."

White Ring emerged in the early 2010s with an EP, a split with oOoOO, and a few other singles, before going on a seven-year hiatus and re-emerging in 2018 with their first full-length album, Gate of Grief. Just last month, they put out the two-song Slow Burned 7", featuring the song "Shaken to Sleep" which got a video release earlier this week (watch below). They had just gone on a fall Europe tour before Kendra's sudden passing. In addition to White Ring, Kendra also sang guest vocals on "Slaves" off King Dude's 2011 album Tonight's Special Death.

Rest in peace, Kendra. You'll be missed.