Kendrick Lamar, an artist who's been outspoken about police brutality for years and has released not just several protest songs but perhaps the definitive protest anthem of a generation, was out protesting in Compton on Sunday (6/7), XXL and Complex report. NBA players DeMar DeRozan and Russell Westbrook were in attendance at Sunday's Compton protest as well. Here are some photos:

Compton Mayor Aja Brown wrote:

Compton Family - Thank you to each and every one of you that joined together today for the #ComptonPeaceWalk.
Thousands came together - men, women and children, to peacefully march for unity, justice, and peace - for all.

Today, we demonstrated that the LOVE we have for one another is powerful. Thank you to everyone that came out and to those that wanted to, but couldn’t. We represented #ComptonUnited #ComptonStrong.

As I said today, this moment is not the ending, but the beginning of a new era - a movement to engage, educate and empower Compton to mobilize, organize and take action, especially when it counts. If you’re ready to join the movement and want to know when it’s time to mobilize text comptonunited to 31996.

Today was glorious. God is with us. It was a special day in Compton’s History. I’m honored to be here with you. Compton, this is our time. 🙏🏾🙏🏼

A special thank you to everyone putting in work every day to move our city forward. Our Compton family is incredible. This is your time. Let’s activate.

May you all stay blessed. Love you all.

Kendrick hitting the streets came two days after his label Top Dawg Entertainment posted a link with resources to help in the fight for black lives, and wrote the following:

A message.

Standing up against the odds and uplifting our community is foundational at Top Dawg Entertainment.

Our goal as a company is to represent the talent, perseverance, and strength of our people.

We strive to be passionate, outspoken leaders in our culture and recognize we're at a pivotal point in our society's history.

We are empowered in solidarity with our brothers and sisters within the Black community, and our allies of every creed and color. The time is now for immediate change. These injustices must stop.