White Lung made one of our favorite punk albums of the year with Paradise, and we asked them to tell us what were their favorite albums of the year. Guitarist Kenny William sent a list, which includes big pop/R&B/rap releases like Kanye West, Rihanna and Blood Orange, smaller post-punk like Soft Kill and Lust For Youth, and more. Check out his whole list, with some commentary and a stream of one song from each (picked by Kenny), below.

No tour dates for White Lung at the moment (they last played NYC in October).


Kenny William's Top 10 Albums of 2016

1. Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo

I thought this was going to suck when I heard those songs with Paul McCartney but it ended up being great as usual

2. Black Marble - It’s Immaterial

I ended up listening to this a lot the songs are so great and I love the production

3. Negative Gemini - Body Work

Nobody else put out anything that sounded anything like this, thought it sounded so new

4. Gal Gracen - The Hard Part Begins

Patrick dances with a really cool CGI character in the music video they made for the title track of this

5. Lust For Youth - Compassion

Always puts me in a good mood when I hear these songs and I like their accents

6. Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

Was kindof shocked by this record at first but it really grew on me, everything flows together so well

7. Rihanna - Anti

I think I listened to this maybe more than anything else, deleted the Tame Impala cover though it was weird

8. Porches - Water

It's always fun to hear self-recorded demos of songs you already know, I liked some of the versions of the songs on this release better than the originals

9. Lawrence - Yoyogi Park

I like listening to this when I'm running, it was inspired by this crazy park in Japan I went to once

10. Soft Kill - Choke

Really depressing, really good

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