Pete Best @ Kenny's - October 2005 (CRED)
Pete Best

Not the most popular venue obviously, but there's some history there, and I for one count myself as one of those with at least a few memories of going to see friends' bands play at Kenny's Castaways. Opinions of the venue aside for a second, what do you think of the lineups (listed below) of the 40th anniversary shows so far?

Poez at the cornelia street cafe 6/15/07

Friday 9/28
Jenna Nicholls
The Smithereens
Willie Nile
Andy Rosen
7th Sun
Becky Curtis Midnite Jam All Stars with Jon Putnam, Sammy Merrandino

Saturday 9/29
Joy Askew
Mark Johnson & The Wild Alligators
David Roche

Thursday 10/4
Paul Hipp
Witches In Bikinis

Friday 10/5
Jenna Nicholls
John Macendoe
Bernie Shanahan
Randy Burns
Jeff Golub

Saturday 10/6
John Macendoe
Tony Coniff & Friends Midnite All Star Jam with Elaine Caswell