Thanks to Largehearted Boy for pointing to this set of MP3's from a recent radio appearance by Keren Ann. A little digging around, and I discovered there's a lot more audio and video where that came from.

Don't be scared off by More in the Monitor's not-so-nice review of her recent show at Tonic. Keren Ann has more shows coming up, and some are not sold out. Of note are the Nolita record release party at Joe's Pub, and a chance to see her at the soon-to-close Fez.

Pre-order Nolita at Amazon.

A Girl Called Eddy is opening for Keren Ann at some of the shows. Read an interview at Now. (also via LB). Here's a review.

The Portable Infinite just saw Keren and and Eddy, and thought they were as good as Joanna Newsom.

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