Asheville, North Carolina's Kerosene Heights have been making noise in the emo world lately, and now they've announced their first full-length album, Southeast of Somewhere, due May 19 via No Sleep Records. The album features the recently-released album version of "Kathryn" (which originally came out in rawer form in 2022), as well as the just-released "Perfect Timing." It's a big, open-hearted anthem that sounds like the last three decades of emo in a blender, and it's a very good example of what this promising band is capable of.

"'Perfect Timing' is a song that goes a lot of places thematically," the band says. "Being overwhelmed, wrapped up in the future, and never present. I wanted the music to reflect all of the feelings that come with that. At it’s core it’s a song about letting things fall to the wayside in the pursuit of something completely uncertain." The track premiered over at Idioteq and you can check it out below.

1. Salty Eyes
2. Same Shade of Red
3. Last Time
4. Otis
5. Growing Up
6. Kathryn
7. Mission Valley Shopping Center
8. Perfect Timing
9. Going Away For a While
10. In Suspension
11. Next to Nothing

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