Kevin Devine has been very active and prolific lately, but he hasn't released a full-length album in six years, and that finally changes with Nothing's Real, So Nothing's Wrong, due March 25 via Triple Crown (pre-order). The album was produced with longtime collaborator Chris Bracco, and the two of them worked on it remotely from their respective homes. The first single is the gorgeous, breezy, woodwind-synth-infused indie rock of "Albatross," and here's what Kevin says about this one:

“Albatross” is a hard reboot, a fragmented emptying-out for us strugglers whose life experience invalidates cookie-cutter solutions or miracle cures or 21st century coping mechanisms. Where do you turn for comfort when the generally-accepted value system and discourse is this degraded and grotesque? Maybe letting go, and then more letting go, of the burden of communicating that for which no suitable words exist, of fumbling at ad-hoc answers to the unanswerable, of investing in a perverse and upside-down reality that encourages you to internalize the need to fix things you didn’t break.

Listen below...

01. Laurel Leaf (Anhedonia)
02. Override
03. How Can I Help You?
04. Swan Dive
05. Albatross
06. If I’m Gonna Die Here
07. Someone Else’s Dream
08. Hell Is An Impression of Myself
09. It’s A Trap!
10. Tried To Fall In Love (My Head Got In the Way)
11. Stitching Up the Suture

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