Kevin Devine is gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his solo career with two BrooklynVegan-presented Brooklyn shows in January, and ahead of that, he's releasing a new two-song 7", "Liar, Liar" b/w "Let Go, Be Dragged," which are both from the sessions from this year's very good Nothing's Real, So Nothing's Wrong. It comes out December 2 (pre-order), and "Liar, Liar" is out now. In a statement accompanying the song, Kevin says:

It looks like I wrote "Liar, Liar" on Halloween 2019.

I remember working on it sorta early in the morning at my kitchen table, tying and untying its knots - I heard the melody stumble through the intro progression, the ways that could mirror itself over different chords in other spaces in the song, and the back and forth major/minor minor/major verse shuffle straightening out into a Proper Chorus with a few deceptive stutters acneing its breeze.

I just got out of the way and let the structure organize itself.

The words were intuitive and seemed to exist as a beleaguered sigh towards the endless bottomless casually destructive profoundly unserious & inhumane high-stakes degradation chamber we call Discourse.

(Luckily, that's all totally resolved itself neatly and satisfactorily in the three years since.)

I vaguely knew I wanted to dress it up like the rockier moments of Either/Or, something like "Ballad of Big Nothing," big trashy open drums, acoustic driven but with dynamic energy.

It was super fun to write and record the lead guitar & bass parts, the skittery dance they negotiate between the vocal melody & Damon [Cox]'s drum line, the way they draw out and highlight the inner life of the chord progression.

And as always, [Rob] Schnapf's mix just elevated and clarified everything, and made it sound like itself in ways I couldn't articulate until it was handed to me.

There were no B-sides with the 18 songs written towards Nothing's Real, So Nothing's Wrong, just hard and joyful decisions about what to put where.

I'm glad this is here now, and that you are too, too.

We're also glad that this is here, and we agree it doesn't feel like a B-side. It stands tall on its own as a great Kevin Devine song and you can hear it below. And speaking of Elliott Smith, Kevin did a new cover of "Alameda" for his Patreon.

Kevin's 20th anniversary shows happen on January 20 at Baby's All Right and January 21 at Saint Vitus, and he'll be playing totally different setlists each night.

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