My Bloody Valentine's reissues of Isn't Anything, Loveless and m b v are out next week via Domino (preorder m b v in the BV shop) and frontman Kevin Shields talked a little bit about those, and the new MBV albums that have been in the works for a while, with The Jakarta Post.

About signing with Domino (2013's m b v was originally self-released), Kevin told the paper, “We definitely didn’t want to work with a major record company, since we wanted a lot of control and independence. We’re getting into a partnership with Domino mainly because they’re one of the few great independent labels that are left in the world.”

As for new music, Shields told The Jakarta Post that they would release two albums in 2022, spaced out "with an interval of at least six months." Production delays in vinyl pressing plants is causing the albums to be released later than he would hope, but according to the paper, "Shields emphasized that listeners would still get to hear some new tunes by the end of this year."

Asked what the new albums sound like, Kevin says the albums feature new approaches to songwriting. “I had these ideas for changing the way I write songs and expanding something in my head that I find physically difficult to do. I couldn’t just sit with an acoustic guitar and represent these ideas, they have to do with a way of recording and playing and stuff that’s a bit different.”

As for live shows, Shields (who turns 58 on Friday) says the band will be touring. “I think now I’m very aware, instead of thinking ‘oh, we’ll do this tour then do that tour’, now this could be the last time because we’re getting older,” but added, “We’re very lucky that we have our health, so yeah, we 100 percent will be touring once we can.”

We've heard similar promises before so take all that with a grain or two of salt, but signing with a label does signal at least some forward motion. We shall see!

Kevin and the rest of My Bloody Valentine took part in a Tim's Twitter Listening Party over the weekend for Isn't Anything, which we recapped here.

You can preorder the new Domino reissue of m b v in the BrooklynVegan shop.

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