Denver doom outfit Khemmis produced a significant amount of buzz around last year's debut album Absolution. Now they're looking to build on that with a quick follow-up, as their new album Hunted has been announced for an October 21 release via 20 Buck Spin. They've also shared the first track from that album, a 7-minute burner called "Candlelight."

When the new song kicks in, it hits you immediately in the gut with the tastiest fuzz-crunch ratio that I can imagine. It's kind of the platonic ideal of the modern doom sound: it's somehow clear and rough at the same time, and I don't know how to describe it beyond it just sounds so damn good. This also applies to the vocals, which have garnered considerable acclaim from their Opeth-like mix of clear-as-day soaring and grimy-as-hell guttural growls. And finally, they mix in a healthy dose of classic-metal heroics, with the guitarmonies of "Candlelight's" middle section giving way to a quiet, lovely arpeggio passage that quickly erupts into a singalong chorus and then an absolutely fire-shooting guitar solo. It's the oldest trick in the book, but it winds up as uniquely satisfying pop-metal songcraft in a doom landscape that can get a bit too arty for it's own good.

Khemmis have some southwest and west coast tour dates coming up. Those are listed, along with a stream of "Candlelight," below.

Khemmis -- 2016 Tour Dates
8/04/2016 HiDive – Denver, CO
8/05/2016 The Metro – Salt Lake City, UT
8/06/2016 OMD Theatre – Las Vegas, NV
8/07/2016 The Rogue – Phoenix, AZ
8/08/2016 The Griffin – Los Angeles, CA
8/09/2016 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA
8/10/2016 Starlite Lounge – Sacramento, CA
8/11/2016 Ash St. Saloon – Portland, OR
8/12/2016 Migration Fest – Olympia, WA