Rock legend Kid Congo Powers, who spent time in The Cramps, The Gun Club, and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, continues to make great music, having released La Araña Es La Vida with his band The Pink Monkey Birds earlier this year. You can feel the influence of the groups he's played in while Kid brings his own savoir faire to the garage. It's a lot of fun and you can stream the whole thing, and watch the video for "La Araña," below.

We've been asking artists for their Top 10s of 2016, and Kid Congo has offered up his, a mix of albums, films, books and more, complete with his insightful commentary. Check that out below.

Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds will say farewell to 2016 with two nights at Denver, CO's 3 Kings Tavern on January 30 & 31 with Slim Cessna's Auto Club. Flyer for that is below.



1. “Blackstar” by David Bowie
Simply the best, to his last breath. I will take this opportunity to sneak in Leonard Cohen as well. We shall worship and reference you both, always.

2. “Uncle Howard
A very moving documentary by Aaron Brookner about his Uncle, director Howard Brookner, whom died of AIDS in 1989. Howard had made a doc on William S. Burroughs, with his young NYC crew of Jim Jarmusch and Tom DiCillo in 1980’s New York City. Aaron unearths his Uncle’s archive and finds answers. Really touching fantastic look into 80’s NYC art film world.

3. “The Hope Six Demolition Project” by PJ Harvey
I find myself mesmerized and keep playing this record over and over. The layered saxophone based songs mixed with folk and blues does something to me on a deep level. PJ’s amazing voice and protest poetry is just right for right now.

4. “Dawn Of The Double” by The Double
One chord over 40 minutes is anything but boring in the hands of drummer Jim White and guitarist Emmett Kelly, two masters. Bo Diddley meets Glenn Branca at a dance. Seeing it live even better!

5. “The Rise, The Fall, and The Rise” autobiography by Brix Smith Start
Brix was married to Mark E Smith of The Fall and lived to tell the tale. And the whole tale of her own life -- from LA Disneyland obsessed child, to East Coast art school teen, to Manchester UK wife and guitarist of The Fall... and the crash after is a dizzying, hilarious and heartbreaking tome. Unapologetic, and what you would think was incongruous about her life makes perfect sense. I laughed a lot. Read it back to back with Stephen Hanley’s “The Big Midweek” for full Fall effect.

6. “Sleepless Girls” by Harry Howard and The NDE
This has been on repeat on my headphones for the past month or so. I can’t get enough. You know Harry from Crime and The City Solution, These Immortal Souls and solo records by his brother Rowland S. Howard. Harry in front is so refreshing and somehow reminds me of some essence of The Modern Lovers, if you must make comparisons. I’m no critic, just an insane person. The swirling keyboards and voice of Edwina Preston and rhythm section of Dave Graney and Clare Moore (The Moodists) help make it timeless. I certainly lose track of time when hearing this LP. Fantastic.

7. Kim Salmon “My Script”
I am on an Australia kick here! Kim Salmon is always great in whatever project he does, from Scientists to Beasts Of Bourbon to Kim and Leanne. However on this first “solo” album something has happened to stand apart from previous works but remaining unmistakingly “Kim”. It is exactly that magic I can’t describe that lures me in on this LP. Masterpiece.

8. “Black Hanz” by The Moonlandingz.
I love this video and song! Fake rock stars are such great rock stars. Fun, dancy, irreverent, sexy , a bit sickening and rather glamorous! All the things you could want in a band today that you hardly see! I’ll take it!

9. “E” by E.
I have been a fan of Thalia Zedek for some time and this record and live show has blown me away. Art rock that is gutsy with soul! A forgotten art. All rhythm all the time. Take me away….

10. “Under The Big Black Sun” book by John Doe.
I loved reading this love letter to the front liners of Los Angeles 1970’s punk rock scene. It was good to hear the different sides of the many disparate coins jangling in the pockets of the city and suburbs. Real insight to the times, take it from me, I was there!

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