Kid Dynamite "Another week, another announcment of a Jade Tree band coming out of retirement. This time, it's Kid Dynamite.

The label confirmed that Kid Dynamite, which splintered to become Paint it Black and None More Black, will reunite to play the at one of benefit shows scheduled to help New York’s CBGB’s stay in business. Like the rest of the club’s relief efforts, Kid Dynamite’s date has yet to be pinned down (already sold out?).

Damnation AD, another Jade Tree act, also will get on the reunion bandwagon, reuniting for a show at this year’s Hellfest. Those two bands join Lifetime, which will play a one-off show at Hellfest, and The Promise Ring, who come out of retirement for a one-off gig at Chicago’s Flower 15 festival." [Aversion]

* In related news, None More Black play Knitting Factory on August 19th with Planes Mistaken for Stars.
* Here's the pictures I took of None More Black @ KF last year.
* Lifetime join Public Enemy at Hellfest