Kid Lightning is a new band with some familiar faces from DIY emo: vocalist Tyler Povanda (Save Face), guitarist Bart Starr (Mom Jeans, Graduating Life), bassist Sam Kless (Mom Jeans, Just Friends), and original Joyce Manor drummer Kurt Walcher (also of Snooze). Their self-titled debut album comes out this Friday (5/19) via Counter Intuitive (pre-order). Tyler tweeted that the album was actually written years ago but only just now seeing the light of day, and also adds via press release:

It’s 25 minutes of the kind of self-reflection I was doing at the time. When you think you figured out what you want to dedicate your life to, how do you know if you made the right choice in the end? How many personal relationships did you put on hold or let go of? Are you happier now? How would I even know?

Lead single "Jaded" a jangly, lo-fi emo vibe that doesn't really sound exactly like any of the members' other bands but should definitely appeal to fans of all of them. Check it out below.

Kid Lightning

Tell Me To
Test, Test
What's Expected
Better Without It
Desert Devil Jesus

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