Canadian sketch comedy legends Kids in the Hall are back with their first new season in 27 years premiering this Friday (May 13) on Amazon Prime Video. You can get a taste now, though, as they've shared one of the sketches on YouTube.

"Taste" is especially appropriate in this case, as they've revisited characters from the 1994 Season 5 sketch "Desert" (aka "Dipping Areas"). Here, waiter Mark McKinney quietly freaks out when a customer (Kevin McDonald) calls their Tarte Blueberry Sauvage a "pie" and wants to share a picture of it on social media. Aghast, he goes back to the kitchen to talk with the pastry chef (Scott Thomson) about what to do and things escalate quickly from there, with other waiters (Bruce McCulloch and Dave Foley) joining in to figure out what to do.

Watch that and the original "Desert" sketch below.

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