"It’s finally here. Season 6," Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson wrote on Twitter today. "Sorry it took 27 years."The beloved Canadian sketch comedy troupe's long-in-the-works first new season since the '90s are not quite here yet, but they have announced the premiere date: May 13 (yep, it's a Friday) on Amazon Prime Video.

They've also shared the S6 trailer. "Well the curse is lifted and the Kids are back," says Mark McKinney's Brain Candy exec Don Roritor says, in his very Lorne Michaels-esque voice. Lackey Dave Foley then asks, "Who's financing this time, the devil again?" Don replies, "Well, sort of. Amazon." We then get some quick cuts of sketches, featuring the whole gang -- Foley, McKinney, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson-- and a few other familiar characters. There are actually two versions of the trailer: the "Red Band" has more swearing, while the "Green Band" has more classic characters. It's promising!

Watch the trailers below.

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