The Japanese duo Kiiiiiii played the soon-to-close Tonic in NYC Tuesday night (April 3, 2007). Ojlopena was there and took some great photos....

Kiiiiiii @ Tonic

Kiiiiiii also played the hopefully-will-never-close Cake Shop on Wednesday night. If you missed both shows don't worry - there's one more chance to see them in NYC - according to their MySpace, they are playing Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn TONIGHT (Thursday April 5, 2007). (Yacht is playing Cinders Gallery soon too)

[note: it was published somewhere that Kiiiiiii are playing Cake Shop again tonight. That appears to be wrong which means Kiiiiiii have not been added to the awesome Parenthetical Girls / Dead Science / Craig Wedren bill. Then again, just to be sure, someone should call Cinders Gallery and/or Cake Shop.]

Tonic's last night open is Friday April 13th. The Bunker has the club from 10pm to closing. The 8pm show is now listed as "John Zorn Improv Night". No advanced tickets for it (yet anyway), or for the two "Tonic Alumni Festival"s happening the weekend before. Details of those below....

Sat, Apr 07, 1pm:

Tonic Alumni Festival Matinee: Loren Connors & Steve Dalachinsky plus Ben Perowsky & Sylvie Courvoisier plus Erik Friedlander & Ikue Mori plus Elliott Sharp plus Jane Ira Bloom & Bobby Previte plus Barbez
$20 Suggested Donation
Loren Connors & Steve Dalachinsky:
Ben Perowsky & Sylvie Courvoisier: With Ben Perowsky (drums) & Sylvie Courvoisier (piano).
Erik Friedlander & Ikue Mori:
Elliott Sharp: Solo acoustic action.
Jane Ira Bloom & Bobby Previte:
Barbez: Gorgeous Old world Slavic cabaret collides with Schnittke and the Residents in this Brooklyn-based punk chamber ensemble. With Dan Kaufman (guitar, vocals), Danny Tunick (marimba, vibes), Peter Hess (clarinets), Peter Lettre (bass), John Bollinger (drums).

Sun, Apr 08, 7pm:

Tonic Alumni Festival Part 2: Burnt Sugar plus Brandon Ross & Stomu Takeishi plus Okkyung Lee plus Marty Ehrlich Group plus White Out plus Yuka Honda & Sean Lennon plus Blind Idiot God plus Big Lazy plus Smokey Hormel, Alan Licht & Anton Fier plus Forro In The Dark
$20 Suggested Donation
Burnt Sugar: Burnt Sugar has been modeled after Miles Davis' Bitches Brew ensembles and employs an ersatz version of the conduction system of improvisation developed by Butch Morris.
Brandon Ross & Stomu Takeishi: With Brandon Ross (guitar) & Stomu Takeishi (bass). Harriet Tubman's guitarist plays with bassist Stomu Takeishi and special guest Tyshawn Sorey.
Okkyung Lee: With Okkyung Lee (cello).
Marty Ehrlich Group:
White Out: With Tom Surgal (drums) & Lin Culbertson (synthesizer).
Yuka Honda & Sean Lennon:
Blind Idiot God: Blind Idiot God first formed in St. Louis, MO in 1982 with Andy Hawkins, guitar-Gabe Katz, bass-Ted Epstein, drums. As an instrumental band, they were free to move between genres and map out new territory. Using volume, repetition and dynamics, B.I.G. were able to define a new sound which utilized the heft of hardcore, the push-pull of funk, the spaciousness of dub and a willingness to expand genre vocabularies. The current lineup features Tim Wyskida-also of Khanate-on drums.
Big Lazy: Twangy, lurid, primeval instrumentals.
Smokey Hormel, Alan Licht & Anton Fier:
Forro In The Dark: With Mauro Refosco(zabumba), Rob Curto (accordion) and Smokey Hormel (guitar), plus some guests. "We play forro music. It's a style from the northeast of Brasil. The most well known composer and the one we play most of the songs of is Luis Gonzaga (The King of Baiao)."--Mauro Refosco.