Here are two cool new archival releases that '90s NYHC fans should not miss.

First, Kill Your Idols have reissued their 1997 debut 12" on Chronic Death Records (vinyl pre-order), and it's been expanded to include the original eight songs on side A plus four unreleased rehearsal tape tracks with original drummer Ron Grimaldi (Deathcycle, Sonic Poison) and four compilation tracks on side B. Stream the whole thing:

Secondly, as mentioned, Merauder are gearing up for The Minus Years -- a double-LP compilation of the material they recorded with original vocalist Minus, including their 1991 demo, 1993 demo, and 1994 promo. Pre-orders will launch Friday (3/12) at the Upstate Records website, and you can now stream the three songs from their 1994 promo, "Crossfire," "Life Is Pain," and "Bleed," at No Echo.

Oh and one last thing for now, former Vision of Disorder vocalist Tim Williams just revealed he has a new band called Rollin' Coffin. Stay tuned for their first single, coming soon.

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