As mentioned, Long Island/New York hardcore vets Kill Your Idols are about to put out their first new release in over 15 years, and it's a split with the great newer LIHC band Rule Them All, which arrives March 4 via Flatspot Records. 7" vinyl pre-orders are up now, and we've teamed with Flatspot on an ultra clear variant, limited to 150 copies and available exclusively in our stores. Pre-order yours now while they last.

Kill Your Idols recently released "Simple, Short & Fast" from the split (read our track review), and now one of Rule Them All's tracks is out too. It's called "Uneasy Faith," and it's an absolute ripper - fast and aggressive with just the right amount of melody. It pairs well with Kill Your Idols, and it also fits right in with the modern hardcore landscape. If you're into newly acclaimed bands like Turnstile and One Step Closer and you haven't checked out Rule Them All yet, I recommend changing that.

About the new song, RTA vocalist Jon Gusman says, "'Uneasy Faith' is a song simply about taking a chance on something even if you don’t have all the fine details worked out. Sometimes, the only thing you have behind you when you take a leap of faith is belief in yourself and even then it’s not enough. It deals with the idea that expectation can hinder your progress and can even deter you from leaping all together."

Listen to both tracks below and pre-order our limited ultra clear variant here.

1. “Tragic” - Kill Your Idols
2. “Simple, Short, & Fast” - Kill Your Idols
3. “Uneasy Faith” - Rule Them All
4. “The Temptation” - Rule Them All

Kill Your Idols

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